Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lake trip

My uncle Darwin and cousin Jeremy invited me and Johnna and Brett and Erica to go to the lake with them this yesterday and we had a blastee blast! They got an awesome boat (wish I woulda took a pic of that.)

(yeah she is smilin here...)

(but look how CRANKY Johnna is here! -lol)

we tried some wakeboarding lessons....

...and some tubin.

...closin in on 30 yrs, and up 30lbs from the good ole' Lake Powell days, I still got it...well some of it.... Ok this was my best jump of the day and you can barely slide a credit card between the water and the bottom of the board.

We saw some rams and I took alot of pictures of my cousin and Brett and Erica... check out the all the pics:



LUCKY7 said...

fun fun! no i haven't finished yet i'm a third of the way through and I am so bored with it.