Sunday, December 30, 2007

Merry Belated Christmas

We went to Pinetop for the Christmas weekend. We left after we got done with Primary on Sunday and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. Johnna had a hard time because she was a sick girl. I tried to get her some medicine and "accidentally" gave her a quadruple dose of some vicodin cough syrup. She barfed it up a couple hours later. Between that and her hacking cough, and potty breaks for the dog...we didn't sleep so good that trip. We found that "Itsy" (Johnna's ugly dog) does not get along with ANYONE but her ( she tolerates me ...when she wants to). I found out that I got the new position and will be starting there on January the 7th 2008. We are enjoying a long 4 day weekend to celebrate the New Year. I received 4 tickets to the National Band Championship event on Friday at the UoP Stadium and for lack of other things to do ... we went. I talked one of my single friends into coming and bringing a date and she thought we were kidding when we told her we were going to see a high school marching band contest. I volunteered to be a "balloon holder" in the Fiesta Bowl Parade for the University of Phoenix. It was a lot of fun but Johnna was cranky that I left her home alone on Saturday morning, and I came home to find her spooning the dog on the couch.