Sunday, February 22, 2009

Louie Update

I have been waiting to give an update on life with Louie until I felt I had something nice to say about him again. At first I thought Louie could do no wrong because he was house trained and knew how to sit. Of course given some time, we got to know the real Louie. I have been working on letting Louie know his place in the family. I don't think he has quite grasped he is a dog. It's taken about four weeks but I think I am finely starting to see some progress. Due to many water squirts to the head Louie has decided humping Momma is just not worth it. A miracle!! I was seriously beginning to wonder if I'd ever be able to break him of that. He is also getting more and more used to the idea that Chris and I are mates, not he and I. As for the farts and slobber, I'm afraid those things will never come to an end. . . Especially if Chris does not stop sneaking him food!

This is Louie taking my place on the office chair after I went to sleep.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thug Life

Chris was once again patient with me and my crazy photo shoot ideas. The idea came from a picture Rob & Big did with their english bulldog. I took the picture of Louie and Chris together. He did the ones of just Louie because he needed some coaching by me on the sidelines. (The color of these photos is off a bit from the upload, just pretend there is not a greenish tint to them.)

Happy Face

Thoughtful Look

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I can do anything you can do. . .

Today I forced Chris to let me take his picture so I can brush up on my photography/editing skills. We went out to Lost Dutchmen's state park for a change of scenery. We would have brought Louie along for some pictures, but unfortunately he thinks the camera is a laser toy and he goes psycho every time he sees one.