Friday, March 21, 2008

Circus tent living room

So what do you think of Johnna's lovely paint job in the living room?????
Yeah we don't like it either... guess what she will be doing this weekend.


Blake and Kacie Bennett said...

That probably took forever!!! Chris you honestly crack me up.

Ashley Smith said...

Hi Paxmans, I love your blog, it's nice to see share in the good times! Love, Ashley (Smith)

LUCKY7 said...

johnna i think that wall is actually kind of cute but i understand more than anyone that when you need to repaint for the sake of your sanity... you paint.
hope you guys are doing well.
ps. my hair is adorable, i hope yours turned out to your liking. love ya. :D

Brad and Marissa said...

Good Job Johnna! Even I haven't painted a room before. Well I hope the next paint job has less on the carpet and more on the walls. ha ha ha. Just playing.


The Gwynns said...

You guys are funny! I love reading your cute little posts!

Kim (Cox) :)