Monday, March 31, 2008

The Massacre of the Oleander plant.

When I first built our home here in La Fortina the front yard came landscaped. Included in this landscape was a couple of Oleander bushes. Over the last couple of years I have grown to love these bushes and we have grown and flourished together. They blocked people from seeing in our front window and they provided shade from the scorching AZ sun. Well today Johnna found a pair of $9 gardening shears at BigLots and went to town on MY bushes. The once proud and ominous Oleander bushes are now flaccid, hollow, and stubby shells of their former selves. I just hope and pray that these little guys survive Johnna's reckless slaughter.


LUCKY7 said...

they look good girlfriend! that's right keep the yard looking spiffy!

tamiz said...

She does have a license to operate shears you know!!

LaDawn Lingard said...

Beware Hughetts and pruning shears. We LOVE to prune!