Friday, March 14, 2008

We are in Pinetop

The primary reason that I am posting tonight is so that when I open up the blog the first thing I see will no longer be that annoying picture of Fabio. Anyways... we are in Pinetop this weekend. Dallas is doing his homecoming talk on Sunday. We are doing family pictures tomorrow. Today me and Ashley and Brett went to Sunrise and snowboarded for a little while but I found out that I am getting too old and I was sore by noon so we quit. Johnna and I went to lunch with my dad, went cell phone shopping w/ Dallas and had a pretty chill day.


Brad and Marissa said...

I thought Johnna threw away her full size Fabio years ago....I guess not. ha ha.

Gina Lee said...

Chris freakin Paxman!! Its been a long time. I stumbled across your blog, and I had no idea you got married! My props go to Johnna...someone finally tamed Chris! haha jk! Congrats! Its great to see you doing well. And I read below how she wants people to put plugs in for children...well here is mine! THEY ARE AMAZING, and you will never regret having one! And as cheesy as it sounds...its so fun to watch and see yourself come out in their expressions. My little boy is almost a year old. Anyways, keep in touch! Take care.