Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pinetop Grad Fun

Thursday night we headed up to Pinetop to attend Ashley's graduation. We were late. . . but not late enough to miss the speeches. We didn't have time to drop Itzy off so she joined in on the graduation festivities. I wrapped her up in a blanky and snuck her in like a sweet baby. (It was 30 degrees out so I believe that's justified.) And if I do say so myself, she was the most well behaved baby in the whole gymnasium.


LaDawn Lingard said...

Just like old times at home.......My little pet shop, my little pony, etc, except live animals!

Brad and Marissa said...

JohnnaWanna a dog at graduation. Ha ha. I bet it was the best behaved in there. It doesn't look like the most vocal of dogs. Congrats to Ashley from the Hughetts!

Brad and Marissa and John and Unborn baby

JoHanna said...

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