Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Itzy vs. Puppy

Soooo. . . Call me crazy (Chris does) but I got rid of our puppy, Moze. Now, before you start pointing fingers at Chris, hater of all things canine, you should know this is all on me. I know what you are thinking! Ugly/hairless/blackhead covered/neurotic Itzy vs. adorable/hairy/sweet/puppy breath Moze. But you should be thinking this (as I did), potty trained (for the most part) vs. bladder the size of a kumquat. In the end, Itzy regained her throne as Queen of Johnna's Lap. You see, Moze was put into an intensive potty training workshop for one, two, and yes THREE weeks. At the end of which, he was no further along than the day we began. I've learned a very powerful lesson, well two I guess. One, puppies are pure evil! They make you love them and then they pee on your pulchritudinous carpets. And two, I have absolutely no business potty training a teacup chihuahua.


LUCKY7 said...

how sad! he was a cutie, but believe me i understand. pan was a hard one to break. it took her 5 months to potty train. it totally ruined my carpet and rob hated her forever because of it. i'm sad she is gone now, but she was... hard.
we are getting a lab puppy soon and i'm not too scared about potty training they pick things up so quick. that is usually the difference between small dogs and big dogs. too bad it is not the other way around b/c small ones are sooo much cuter and they have less fur!!!

Julie Plotz said...

I didn't even get a change to meet Moze. So sad. So what animal are you adopting next?

Johnna Jayne said...

Well, never say never. . . But I think I am actually done with animals. Giving Moze up was totally heartbreaking. I think I need to cool it in the critters department and move on to the human species.

Brad and Marissa said...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That was funny. I have to agree with ya Johnna, one pet is enough. I remember when we were growing up and you way to many pets back then too. Well can't go wrong with a pet that doesn't keep your carpets damp.