Friday, October 10, 2008

Putting the WOW in Chihuahua

Last weekend I lovingly forced Chris to go to Beverly Hills Chihuahua. He got to go to Tuscon (of which I have never been myself) and play with his family and take pictures of the Blue Ridge Soccer team playing in a tournament. I unfortunately (or due to my interest in soccer, fortunately) I didn't get to go. . . someone has to watch our lil Itzy! I was sure to look really sad and pitiful before Chris left, yeah that's right, I'm not above using the guilt factor. He actually looked like he felt bad so I asked him if he would come to Beverly Hills Chihuahua with me when he got back. I'm happy to say due to my puppy dog face he agreed. However! If I had known he would be so grumpy about seeing the cutest doggy movie ever I would have left his bum at home. I was just tickled pink to see all the little Chihuahuas running around in their crazy fun outfits. I'd look over at Chris with a big toothy grin every few minutes or so and every time he had his arms crossed over his chest with the "I'm going to kill you" look on his face. Hmph!! Next time there is a dog movie out, to heck with Chris, I'll take Itzy.


tamiz said...

Isaac would've gone with you. He LOVES animal movies too and is dying to see that one.

Brad and Marissa said...

I am surprised that Chris would knowingly walk into that movie. I would have to offer Brad a new car or something like that to get him to go to a movie like that with me. You should rent it when it comes out on video and see what Itzy thinks of all the dogs in their funny outfits. That would be funny. Hope you are warm in Arizona while we get snowed on here in Boise.