Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Colorado Weekend

This past weekend Chris and I got to spend the weekend in Colorado with my sister Tami and her family. We had tons of fun hanging out with Tami and Caleb and their four boys. My sister Ashley and a couple of her kids came over one of the nights and we all played Hyper Dash with the kids. It was a really fun/action packed game. We also went out to a cute little town called Estes. It was a beautiful drive! On the way back we stopped at a sweet spot to take their family photos. I would post some of those but I don't want to spoil their Christmas card. As usual Chris and I didn't get any candid pictures of our trip, but here are some my sister sent me.

Ashley with Cedric Left and Jude Right.
Silas playing Hyper Dash
Me dashing and Elias in the corner.


Julie Plotz said...

Johnna, hey, I noticed the wallpaper you have up is Twilight. Did you see that movie? Is it good? I didn't get to see it yet!

Jen said...

I love Colorado! You asked me about Zoey and if she'll stay so small...she's not supposed to but I think she must be the runt or something!

Ashley Smith said...

Hey, it was fun seeing you and you really must make it to Colorado again! What did you think of the Twilight movie? I liked it!
p.s. Are you still dashing?