Saturday, January 9, 2010

3 Months Old

Crew is three months old! He seems to have gotten past his colic and is a much happier baby now, not to mention how much happier WE are as well. He weighs 15.5 lbs., smiles most of the time, makes all sorts different noises to entertain us, sucks on his hands(still NO binki), and his tears came in.

He really enjoyed all the extra attention during Grandpa and Grandma Hughett's visit over Christmas. It was so fun to have my parents here to help me get out of the house with the baby. I really wish they lived closer! Can't wait to visit them this summer.

Last weekend Chris's fam came down for Crew's blessing. While they were here, they watched Crew so Chris and I could go out on our first date since Crew was born. It was nice to have a little time together. Crew's blessing was wonderful! I have to say, as soon as I dressed him in his little white outfit I was in tears. As you can see in the picture above, he was pretty stink'n cute.


Jen said...

he is so cute! it's so fun when they start really interacting.

Team Seguritan said...

CUTE kid! Just read over your last few posts and he's adorable. Glad to hear you got to go out. It's much more fun being a mom when you get a chance to actually MISS your child(hard when you never leave them.)


LUCKY7 said...

I really want to see him... Really! I don't think I have your number anymore!!! lets do something in a couple weeks (brigg is not feeling good right now)

tamiz said...

I love that little chubba-muffin and I haven't even met him yet! You planning a trip to ID this summer? Ya know I'll be living up there for all of June and July. You must come to the lake and play too!