Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Birthday Festivities

Chris turned 29 this month.

This picture WAS NOT posed. He seriously is that ridiculously happy about his ipad. I would tell you how cool it is but Chris hasn't let me touch it yet. . .

Chris's birthday dinner was at In & Out. YUM!

In the past couple weeks Crew has started crying when anyone but Chris or I holds him, tries to talk to him, or even if they are just talking to me. This has become a little problematic in social situations. Thankfully after the first good cry he's back to his happy self.

I'm finding that my extra-wide hips are coming in handy when lugging around a 18+ lb. baby around.


DeEdra said...

I can relate to having a good set of hips for toting the baby on but my baby will be 21 in a few days so why do I still have those hips?

teesha & joel said...

i'm so jealous of the in n out! looks like it was a fun birthday :)

becki said...

So? To ipad or not to ipad?

oh and happy birthday!