Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Last Thursday Chris's baby brother Bradley graduated from High School. Yay Bradley! That in of it self would have been a fun family weekend, but we lucked out and got a two for one deal. Chris's brother Dallas was married that same weekend.

Aren't they just so cute! So young, skinny and in love. You wouldn't even guess they got up at 4am, the DAY OF their wedding to have their pictures taken. Aye currumba!!!

Would you look at that! Chris isn't just good for taking pictures. I'm seriously so impressed with his skills. When I used to do hair I'd tremble at the thought of sticking a brides veil in. Seriously, you can jack up their hair in a hot second!

Awe! He knows how to bustle a dress too! It just gets better.

True to Snowflake, it was nice and WINDY! Ooo, and I made that little purple tie for Crew. He liked eating it.

Sweet hug between Ashley and Andrea.

Aunt Diane front and center, just how we like her.

Kisses! (Nancy, Tom, Diane).

I am loving this picture of Crew with his Grandpa Tom. Stink'n cute.


tamiz said...

If he's going overseas for a wedding he better know how to bustle!! Can't wait to meet that chunk a monk! BTW, I do the front bang braid too!