Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday!

Crew turned 1 on 10/10/10. We had a fun weekend of celebration that started with a trip to the Phoenix Z00 on Saturday. On Sunday we had a small celebration with just the 3 of us where we had alot of fun taking pictures and video of Crew smashing through his own personal Birthday cake. We sure love our baby boy and can't believe how fast the last year flew by


Shari Tate said...

I loved that!!! So funny when you sped it up at the end!!

Cute kid!!


Anonymous said...

I know you aren't supposed to say this about boys but . . . he is beautiful!

Ashley Smith said...

He really is a beautiful baby. Of course I'm biased about my nephews. Happy Birthday Crew. (My Cedric thinks that's himself eating the cake).

Heather said...

cute! I am officially informed! I'm behind on blogging. Sorry to sound like a dummy today.