Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring Fun

I guess the nice thing about not blogging for awhile is y'all well get the short and sweet version of what's going down.

Here we are at the Renaissance fair. I HAD to have a giant turkey leg!!! They looked so good but honestly 4 bites into it I threw it away. Should'a gone with the extra looooong sausage. . .

Swimming fun!

This was before my poor dog Skippy was attacked by three pit-bulls while Crew and I were taking him for a walk. He is now TERRIFIED of other people's dogs, sad deal.

Here I am at 32 Weeks pregnant. Last pregnancy we took belly pics every two weeks, this time around, well, that's the first and probably the last.

Look'n good with that camera!

Crew at 18 months. He is sooooo much harder to take a decent picture of now. Should be REAL interesting to see how we handle photo shoots of our two boys together.

Love the look he's giving Chris here.

Other News:

-Chris turned 30 and it was the worst birthday I've ever witnessed. Let's just say he's still limping.

-Crew handled Easter like a pro. He is completely obsessed with candy so I was pretty sure he'd catch on quickly.

-We moved and have been busy with all sorts of miscellaneous repairs that we hope will END soon.