Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Boys

I realized the other day my last post said nothing about our boys. Geesh, what a jerk! So get ready for some cute overload. . . (Also, as a side note, please forgive the 'Paxman Photography' stamp, I, Johnna was exporting the photos into my folder and didn't realize that setting was on)

Poor Camden lost his hair early on. I was more than happy to let him sport the 'George Castanza' look but Chris was super embarrassed of him and MADE me shave his head.

I can't even tell you how many popsicles this kid had this summer.

Nothing like a good tantrum! Which is happening A STINK'N LOT these days.

Awe, but than he goes back to pure sweetness.

We took the kids up to Grandpa and Grandma Paxman's for the holiday weekend. Crew had a great time on all our little adventures.

Camden was sweet and happy as usual.

As you can see, his hair is growing back handsomely. Thank heavens!

These two our best buddies! Crew needs a little reminding every now and then to not poke, hit or kick his brother but for the most part it's nothing but hugs, kisses and loves.

I love my cute boys! 99% of the time I'm in need of a shower, have a ponytail in my hair, no make-up on and am wearing my husbands basketball shorts and a baggy t-shirt. . . But heck if my kiddos aren't well taken care of!


tamiz said...

So cute! Love those handsome boys!