Thursday, May 8, 2008

Biggest Loser

I (Johnna) joined a Biggest Loser group in our ward. It's a girls only club. To bad for Chris. ha ha. I'm super excited to start shedding my marital bliss pounds. . . . all thirty of them. If you have any good advice please share.


tamiz said...

Let me know when you find something good and easy and painless!

Brad and Marissa said...

I have to say that I love weight watchers. My mom and sister are doing it and have lost a ton of weight. I lost 20 lbs before I got pregnant again. I don't actually go to the meetings but the points system really work for me and help me see what I am eating. I will be starting it back up once this baby comes and hopefully the weight (30 pregnant pounds for me too plus 20 more until I am at goal) will come back off. Good Luck Johnna. Summer is the best time to lose weight.

Derek & Kellyn said...

I thing I just left this message on an older post, so I doubt you'll see it (still trying to get used to blogging!)
Chris? Married? What the!!! Hey buddy, its your ol pal Kellyn. Im so happy to find out that you're married and to such a cutie! Congrats, even though its been a year almost. Crazy! Well, I just wanted to say Hi. Hows Eric? Take care!
(Johnna, I dont know you but Hi and have fun with the biggest loser. I hope you win!)

Creative Corner said...


I need to do something, tell me if you get good tips from doing this. You know I just thought the weight would fall off but after several month of waiting I decided I need to try something else. AND CHRIS, your pictures are AWESOME! We have been so crazy with the move but when things settle down I do want to book with you, maybe when I shed those few extra pounds!