Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lake Powell

Wednesday of last week after talking to a couple of my sisters, I realized the majority of the 24 Hughett grandkids had been prompted into this world via induction. I was 37 1/2 weeks and thought heck, why should we spend our weekend at home waiting around for no baby to show when we could be at Lake Powell. Chris of course was on board right away and we headed to the Lake the next day.

The lovely house boat.

This thing was rock'n! Since Chris and I are the only one's supplying a Paxman grandkid right now we got the sweetest room in the place, Score!

Chris still has some pretty sweet moves at 30!

Auntie Andrea took Crew up on the top deck of the houseboat, set him in a lounge chair, gave him her ipod and said she was trying to make him 'high maitenance'.

Captain Crew!

We had a GREAT time and thankfully our baby is still in my tummy for the duration.


tamiz said...

I am 4/4 on inductions!