Saturday, May 30, 2009

Idaho Trip | Day Four & Five

Day four of our trip was a Saturday so we were able to check out Moscow's farmers market. We had a good time walking around and checking out all the random fun things for sell. I have to say, either Moscow has more hippies or I forgot how many they had.

After that we went to NRS. It's a business that started up in the Palouse. They sell anything you could ever possibly need/want related to rafting and canoeing.

Later that day we walked over to Hordman's Pond. It's just right around the corner from my parents home. I have a lot of good memories of catching fish, snakes, frogs and turtles if you were really skilled. They have a little park there so we hung out and let the kids play, that includes Chris of course.

My Mom with John and Brian.

I think Chris is ready for this Dad stuff don't you?

Day Five
This was a sad day for me, I did NOT want to go back home to Arizona. Other than missing Skippy (our dog), there was really nothing I cared to come back home too. I cried before we even left the house. We drove on up to Spokane and off we went. Now we are back. . . here. . . and HOT.


Brad and Marissa said...

We miss you guys. We are glad that you came up and wished that you lived closer, especially when the little one comes. Love the new pictures of the boys!

tamiz said...

That's a good sign that you missed Skipperdoo!