Thursday, May 28, 2009

Idaho Trip | Day Three

On day three of our trip we headed out to Elk River.

First stop was Huckleberry Heaven. They have some yummy huckleberry ice cream so we all grabbed a cone.

We drove around for awhile and found a great spot to play around and have a picnic. Chris had a great time playing with John and Brian.

We were pretty lucky to have gone up on one of the two coolest weekends Elk River has. One is the boat races, the other is their 'Elk River Days.' We were able to see people gearing up their race boats for the next day. It was a lot of fun to see how fast they could go.

We had a fun scenic drive home. I enjoyed every minute of seeing Idaho in all it's glory. . . Chris on the other hand fell asleep. Later that day Chris took some pictures of my brother's family. You may have seen them on his photography blog.


tamiz said...

Cute new background! Now I'm gonna steal the cherries! Any chance you want to throw our pic on the header and email it to me? I really tried. I just don't have the programs.

tamiz said...

Nevermind about the header. I don't think I'll hang on to the cherries for long. Little to femmie for a family of boys. I've got some news, call me when you get a sec.

Dorese @ Dorese's Pieces said...

I LOVE Huckleberry Heaven! They have the BEST ice cream! And I miss Elk River... you just take areas like that for granted until you live in a dessert, huh?

jmelgan said...

Looks like you guys had a great visit. I will have to check out the huckleberry heaven place the next time we go to Elk River. I love it there.