Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trip to Pinetop...

Johnna says it's been too long since I (Chris), last posted on OUR blog.
We just got back this afternoon from a trip up to Pinetop. I don't think we had been since Christmas. I was honored to be hired to photograph one of my sister's best friend's wedding in Snowflake on Saturday. As we drove away from the valley on Thursday evening we watched the thermometer on the dashboard drop drop drop before our eyes starting at 106` and ending in the low 70's by the time we got to Pinetop- it was nice to get out of the heat.
On Friday we took Skippy with us on a walk with my mom and her dog:
pictured: Skippy (right) Johnna's foot (left)

Later on that day we met the lovely bride and groom at the temple for some portraits at the temple in Snowflake. I will have those up on my photography blog later today. Here is a lovely shot that Johnna took with my backup camera while I was shooting. Don't you think this angle of me COMPLETELY prone on the ground is lovely?

and me the next day with the groom:


Carlos said...

Don't cha love Skippy with a haircut?